Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Exam or Examnination ! Examnination !! Examination !!!

Exam or Examnination ! Examnination !! Examination !!!

Examinations are the blessings in the student life.

However, some name's it as something else. But that should NEVER be. If you focus on, set your right strategies, get your pants on everyday washed up, dried up, damn, you gonna sure FUCK all the FUCKING obstacles FUCKING easily ;).

I view exams are one of the most blessings in my life. The confident, energies, enigma-tics, and such other positive factors or elements have installed in my life easily in the exam time. Even once I got PROPOSED by a girl in the exam time. :D
Moreover, in the exam time I get much more attention of my mom, she takes care me of very good or well,simply, in this time. I gain much more insights in this time than ever. Most of the achievements of my life started in the exam time. I can't get why fucking people fucking fears the FUCKIng exams???

I find no clue out !

You know, exams are the time when I can study without fear. I can study with purity && sacredly ! The new ideas comes into my mind in this fucking nice time :*
I love this nice time .

You know ! I just learnt sth new just now. I haven't noticed that even ever before.
The special characters used in the typing, associated with the fonts are not always as we see them !
Some fonts carry more, some don't !
Wow thats a nice magic, Thats I call LIFE .
If you fear the fear, then you fear to live. If you fear to Live, you are DEAD. That's that much simple.

Trust me ! It works Fucking good. And one disclaimer:
Google by: “use of the word fuck”
to know the fucking meaning of the fucking word FUCK.
Otherwise if you fucking get a fucking fucked meaning, then you fucked yourself !
So Fuck OFF !
Thanks a lot for trying to read !

Have a nice time.........perhaps...make ur days urs !