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100 questions in cardiology by BMJ (2001) Downlaod

100 questions in cardiology (2001) 

This book differs from most other available cardiology texts. We have designed it to provide didactic answers to specific questions , wherever possible. Some are everyday questions. Others deal with less common situations, where an answer is often not readily found. The book is suitable for all grades of doctor, cardiologist and physician alike.
Responses have been kept as brief as possible and practical. A
few important topics defied our editorial culling and were given more space. The aim was not to review the entire literature, but rather to present the conclusions which that author has reached from such evaluation, combined with experience. Where helpful
or necessary, a few relevant references have been provided with
the answer.
We hope that the text can be read in several ways to suit the
reader – in one go, referred to on the wards or in clinic or dipped into for pleasure and education. The short question and answer format should permit such an approach.
We have tried to produce a selection of topics spanning most
aspects of cardiovascular disease but there will, of course, be
“obvious” questions which we have not posed. Please write to us
c/o BMJ Books, BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H
9JR, with any suggestions for questions you would like to see
answered in a future edition. Finally, because the answers given are “personal” to each author, you may disagree with some
responses. Please feel free to do so. This is not a set of guidelines set in stone.
Diana Holdright and Hugh Montgomery

Bibliographic information
for BMJ
Title BMJ: British Medical Journal, Volume 323, Issues 7303-7311
Contributor British Medical Association
Publisher British Medical Association, 2001
Original from the University of California
Digitized 5 Aug 2011

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