Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Great Sex Games by Anne Hooper and Daphne Razazan Download PDF

Great Sex Games by Anne Hooper and Daphne Razazan

Erotic games to excite the imagination and inspire sexual confidence.

Expand your sexual repertoire and overcome inhibitions with sex therapist Anne Hooper's unique and imaginative guide to erotic sex games.

With something to suit everyone, you and your partner can discover how to live out daring fantasies and spice up your sex life. From stimulating games using an array of tantalising sex toys and props, to frolics involving water, food and video cameras, learn how to explore and get the most out of a provocative range of sensual activities.

Pop it in your pocket or under your pillow for a sexier love life.

About the author (2008)

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Bibliographic information
for Great Sex Games
Title Great Sex Games
Authors Anne Hooper, Daphne Razazan
Editor Daphne Razazan
Edition 2, illustrated, reprint
Publisher Dorling Kindersley, 2008
ISBN 1405331704, 9781405331708

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